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Workshop Options

Beginner classes, advanced, 3D (Pique Assiette) and smalti. Learn the basics of how to cut glass and ceramic tiles. How to shape and create flowing designs. Some popular methods are Pique Assiette, Indirect method onto mesh or Blue board, mixed media, direct “push-in” to adhesive and reverse methods. As you move through the various workshops, you will become competent with more advanced shaping and varieties of mosaic materials. My 1, 2 and 3 day workshops all come with a light lunch, tea and coffee and laughs included. Pique Assiette, is the french term for plate thief or scrounger! This style of mosaic art is very popular, so gather up your Grandmas’s old crockery and bring it along. This is the only workshop where you need to supply your own plates and cups etc. 

1 Day workshops- $195

The beginner 6 hour course, focuses on a short introduction learning to cut and shape glass and ceramic tiles. Prepare our working substrate and select the colours you want to work with. I’ll have some simple design options available to choose from and ensure that you go home with a completed mosaic. If you have something in mind, you can send me the image beforehand so it can be simplified if necessary. I will have a variety of options on the Designs Resource Page which becomes available to you once you have booked your workshop. I find that for a first time mosaic, it’s best to keep the size to about A3 at the largest. The 1 DAY WORKSHOPS are available two Saturdays a month and some week days by request.

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to book a day that suits you.

2 Day workshops- $345

This 2 day workshop (12 hours all up) offers you a chance to learn more techniques, setting up on a different substrate if required and work towards completing a more substantial mosaic. You might have a special project in mind that you have designed yourself. If not, I can prepare a design for you before the workshop starts. You could create a small table top, mirror frame, artwork for the wall, a floor panel……so many options!! Be realistic though, if you want to complete the artwork before you leave, the size will need to be kept to approximately 70cm at it’s widest. If you love tight detail this will take longer, so consider creating a smaller mosaic.
mosaic coffee table

3 Day workshops- $475

Three days gives us time to get sculptural! Now, this is heaps of fun and quite challenging at times BUT I can again give as much or little assistance as needed to create that very special artwork. You will enjoy the experience best, if you have at least already completed the 1 day workshop. We will be carving and shaping Styrofoam, coating it to prepare a base onto which you will mosaic. This will take a bit more thought and preparation than the shorter workshops but well worth the effort. There is another 3 day workshop option that I call the MAGIC MIRROR workshops. The prices for that vary because of the more expensive setup costs of the fabulous mirror frames and Mirror glass included. PLEASE SEE the promotion by clicking here

Open workshop- $40 - no
lunch or supplies included.

This is available usually one day a fortnight for past students or competent mosaicists to come and gather as a small group to work on your own projects. It allows you the opportunity to socialise, swap ideas and work along side other budding artists! Maybe an unfinished piece that’s been sitting for a while, or moving onto your next creation. I will be available to offer assistance but may also be working on my own creation. You can bring your own supplies and tools or I can supply for an extra cost. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are available.

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Cancellation and rebooking policy

Please read carefully:

CANCELLATION OF WORKSHOP BOOKING – Just call me asap so I have a chance to possibly fill your space. 

REBOOKING/TRANSFER TO ANOTHER WORKSHOP  We’ll keep in touch with you about upcoming dates for other workshops to rebook you into. Please contact Rebecca to discuss any mosaic classes or workshop options for bookings or transfers. Thank you.

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Questions and Answers

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Answer – Yes, you can but I suggest that your first workshop is spent creating a small wall mural that I supply the base for. You are very welcome to bring your own for subsequent, more advanced workshops.

Answer – Of course you are very welcome to do so, but the workshop already includes all of the beautiful varieties of glass mosaic tiles, pebbles and unusual shaped specialty glass.
Answer – I am here to help you every step of the way. I’ll let you know if you need to speed up or change your choice of mosaics so you can complete your mosaic in time. On the odd occasion, we have had some students come back at a later date to complete there artworks. No problem!
Answer – Yes, no problem. I just need you to give me a few days notice so I can make sure that I have time to include it on the menu.