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Magic Mirror Mosaics

Let's enjoy creating mosaics !

We are going to create some wonderful mosaic mirror frames over 3 days. Register for this exciting workshop now as the places fill quickly. My workshops all include a delicious lunch. Everyone leaves with a completed mosaic, ready to hang. The mirror frames are large at approximately 65cm to 85cm.

“Don’t be a Square” mirror $ 475.00
“Oh, so radical Retangle” mirror $485.00
“For the Princess” mirror $645.00

See below for blank shapes and some images of other fabulous mirrors.

There is a choice of 3 different shaped mirror frames. They come with the mirror glass included. I'll teach you some techniques in cutting and shaping the tesserae. There will be a wide variety of mosaic tiles, pebbles and other supplies to inspire a truely exciting mosaic artwork. I am here to draw up your design onto the substrate if you want some help. Otherwise have fun and draw in your design before we start the mosaic. If you would like to include any of your special trinkets or jewellery onto your mosaic, bring it along! I prefer to work in small groups with a maximum of 5 budding artists. This way I'm available to offer as much help as needed.

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Let's enjoy creating mosaics !